Ruislip Running Club

Ruislip Running Club is committed to ensuring that all members can participate in Club activities in an enjoyable and safe environment. All children and adults at risk are entitled to a duty of care and to be protected from abuse.

This document outlines the Club’s approach, responsibilities and policy & procedures to the safeguarding of children and adults at risk.

The Aim of the Club 

The aim of the Ruislip Running Club is to create and provide a diverse schedule of quality training sessions and events so that all of our members feel they have the potential to develop, improve and most of all enjoy themselves. 

However, in so doing, the Ruislip Running Club the same time also aims to ensure that such training sessions and events are provided in a safe environment where its members feel comfortable and are able to participate without any form of harassment, bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse or excessive or undue pressure from other members or Club qualified coaches. 

What is Welfare?

Welfare is a wider ranging subject that can cover a wide range of issues, including but not limited to: 

  • Safeguarding and protecting of children and adults; 
  • Anti-bullying; 
  • Equality; 
  • Poor practice in coaching; 
  • Harassment; and 
  • Disciplinary and grievances matters. 

Welfare Officers – Who are they? 

The current Welfare Officer(s) of the Ruislip Running Club are:

Jose & Jaymisha. They can be emailed on or contacted via in-club personal routes such as WhatsApp.

One or both of our Welfare Officers should be the first point of contact if any members have any welfare issues or concerns that they want to raise or report.  If none of the Welfare Officers are available, then please contact another member of the Committee.  Similarly, if you feel more comfortable speaking to another Committee member then please do so.

Any information or concerns shared, raised or reported to either of the Welfare Officers or to a member of the Committee will be treated with the strictest of confidence, and shared with other Committee members on a strictly “need to know” basis only. 

Welfare – Who does it apply to? 

Everyone. Whether you are a member of the Club or a Club qualified coach, you must at all times adhere to the Club’s Welfare Policy together with the Club Constitution & RulesCode of Conduct .

Welfare – Everyone’s Responsibility 

It is the responsibility of ALL members to ensure that all other members of the Ruislip Running Club are able to participate in a safe, supportive and pressure-free environment. You should never feel worried or scared to report or raise any concerns you may have. 

Club Affiliations and Welfare

Ruislip Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics, UK Athletics and our Welfare Policy is aligned closely with the welfare guidelines of these organisations.